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"An integrated approach to development of design and a functional part, considering all subtleties and details of your activity, allows to receive qualitative and convenient online store."

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online store

Online store – the platform for trade in goods online allowing clients to make purchases through remote access, choosing a convenient payment method and deliveries.


As main goal for any online store, increase in income of the company search of new potential clients acts.


If you or your company realize goods or you offer services, the cooperation with clients you can organize sales through online store.

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Examples of the latest works sew a web of studio - MOSAIC


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5 reasons to order the corporate website of the company in MOSAIC

Work stages

We define the purposes and task of development of the website

Fillings of a brief, clarification of requirements

Competitor analysis

Formation of the offer and signing of the contract

Advance payment

Development of the specification

Development structure of the website

Development prototypes of pages

Development design of the website

Adaptive imposition of the model

Сonnection CMS

Control of forms of capture

Filling of the website content

Testing of the website on the test domain

Coordination of all working functionality by the client

Payment of the rest

Transfer on the main domain

Check of the website

Commissioning of the project

Residual calculation

Search engines optimization

Setup of counters of analytics

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Whether after creation of my website I will be able to operate him and to fill with information?

Yes, control of the website is exercised by means of convenient CMS, with the intuitive and clear panel for the ordinary user.

What domain to choose for online store?

At first sight can seem that all good domain names are already occupied. But if the name of your online store isn't banal, and especially, is unique, then problems shouldn't arise.

We recommend to take care over that your domain was the top level (the zones .ua, .ru, .com concern to him). Also pay attention to age of the domain as for further advance this factor plays an important role in search engines.

How much for creation of Online store and what it depends on?

The cost of creation of Online store, first of all, depends on the one who develops him, i.e. from quality of Online store.

The qualitative goods always are more expensive, than low-quality. But and return from qualitatively made Online store much more exceeds return from externally similar, but cheap Online store.

I want to make online store completely. I will cope?

Of course you will cope. What another matter result will turn out?
If you want to make all, then you at least have to have the following knowledge:
+ Profound knowledge of HTML;
+ Ability to do the mass of routine tasks (filling of the catalog that still occupation for many);
+ You have to have sense of taste for work with design and editing of ready templates;
+ Basic skills of web programming and CSS will be also very useful.

The list higher not full and mostly for those who have really aimed to make everything independently without involvement of experts.

But it in most cases is a deadlock way as time you will spend a great lot, and result, most likely, won't suit you and all of you will throw.

Therefore be one step away ahead and delegate tasks.


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Leave the application and our manager will contact you within 30 minutes