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Business website

Effective way of representation:

  • Your company and its business to partners;
  • To clients;
  • To potential customers;
  • The ideal decision for the companies of any field of activity;

Being, first of all, the image tool, he has to be remembered by unique design, convenient functionality and ease in management.

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main functions

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5 reasons to order the corporate website of the company in MOSAIC

Work stages

We define the purposes and task of development of the website

Fillings of a brief, clarification of requirements

Competitor analysis

Formation of the offer and signing of the contract

Advance payment

Development of the specification

Development structure of the website

Development prototypes of pages

Development design of the website

Adaptive imposition of the model

Сonnection CMS

Control of forms of capture

Filling of the website content

Testing of the website on the test domain

Coordination of all working functionality by the client

Payment of the rest

Transfer on the main domain

Check of the website

Commissioning of the project

Residual calculation

Search engines optimization

Setup of counters of analytics

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What tasks can be assigned to the corporate website?

The corporate website has to carry out tasks full the Internet of representation which works instead of your real office without days off and lunch breaks. The website has to be executed in uniform style with the corporate style of the company, differ in convenient navigation (the rule of 3 clicks) and to provide users with all necessary information for making decision on purchase of goods or service.

The corporate website – more volume, than the website the business card and, as a rule, with with higher quality the executed design and content filling. The main function of the website – presentable, selling not only goods and services, but also strengthening the general image of the company, distinguishing it from competitors.

Whether use of standard ready templates of design of the website is possible?

Use of standard templates of design of the website in the websites of similar level, usually inadmissibly as it affects as image of a campaign, and isn't really well perceived by search engines (according to researches about influence of various factors on the provision of the website in search engines).

Why does the company need the corporate website?

Existence of the corporate website will allow to attract potential audience on the website. Decision-making about purchases on the website is influenced by several factors: design of the website, convenient navigation, and content. If all these elements are developed competently, then the positive effect in dynamics of customer acquisition will be observed. However existence only of one website doesn't mean 100% sale as sales is the whole series of the correct actions in chains of sales.

What influences the cost of works on creation of the website?

The cost of works on creation of the website depends from:

difficulties of design;
amount of works on control of the main part of the website;
existence on the website of non-standard functionality, for example non-standard Online questionnaires, calculators or filters;
the volume of text materials which will need to be uploaded to the site;
existence of animation on the website.

In what advantages of the corporate website?

Now most of people pay attention to presence at the company of the website and to make the decision on purchase or cooperation with this organization long and attentively study the website of the company.

What is the time occupies creation of the corporate website?

The full cycle of works from signing of the contract before delivery of the website in operation, as a rule, takes 4-5 working weeks.

What has to be design of the corporate website and what depends on him?

As the design of the website is one of the making successful sales, it is necessary to approach design extremely accurately and attentively

- The design of the corporate website has to reflect scope of activity of the company of the Customer
- Has to be easy to use and intuitively clear
- The logo of the company as a rule settles down in the top left corner of the page
- A contact information of the company of the Customer has to be presented on all pages of the website (for example, in a website cap, and are duplicated in the cellar of the website)

What to do if any of the offered options of design doesn't suit me?

It happens extremely seldom as we carefully discuss previously everything and we coordinate and also in your questionnaire all requirements to design are specified. In this case we can develop the new model of design of the website, proceeding from your wishes.

How many people work in team on creation of the website?

The following experts participate in the working group on development of the website:
- personal project manager,
- designer,
- maker-up,
- programmer
- tester
- the content manager (if it is required).
All experts work in the sphere of development of the websites not the first year.

For what the control system of the corporate website is necessary?

The control system of the website allows to make in real time changes on the website: to create sections, to edit pages of the website new text information and images, to add new goods, news, a photo, video, actions etc. on the website.


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